My name is Anj, I’m 19 years old. 10 things you need to

know about me:

-I’m currently studying BS Medical Laboratory


-I live in a small town and my house is in

front of the sea.

-I love Snow Patrol, listening to them makes

me wanna cry. :(

-Someday I will meet Sheldon Cooper and

marry him. 

-I fuck up a lot and I still have a lifetime of

poor decisions ahead of me.

-I like nail polish. :)

-I blank out a lot, I say the weirdest things in

the most random time.

-I like arguing with people. I also like

making people who annoy me cry.

-I like buying shoes. Ballet flats especially. 

-And  lastly, I’m a grumpy old lady. I want a

cat, which makes me even more like an old


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